We see an attempt to hijack the journal in

http[:]/ /www[.]informaticajournal[.]com/index.html


Do not register and do not do any other actions in it.

We consider such an attempt as a good appreciation of our efforts to keep high scientific level and quality of our journal.


Please send us all e-mail letters which you have received from the owners of fake/phishing website http[:]//informaticajournal[.]com [who similarly own http[:]//balticajournal[.]com , too] with full headers (raw view). That will help as to identify the location of their e-mail server(s), and stop their criminal activity without delay.


If you are using Microsoft Outlook for your e-mail, then:

(1) Let double-click the e-mail letter from

in your „Inbox“;

(2) In the upper menu let select:

MESSAGE -> Respond -> More -> Forward as Attachment ;

(3) Let send this e-mail letter to: .


In Microsoft Exchange :

(1) Let click on the e-mail letter from in your „Inbox“;

(2) Let press on the right-side drop-down menu (``V´´ after the text ``Reply to All´´);

(3) Let select ``View message details´´(second item from the menu bottom);

(4) Let copy to the clipboard (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C) the text, let paste it to Notepad (Ctrl+V) and let save as a ".TXT" file;

(5) Let send this .TXT file to: .


In GMail :

(1) Let open the e-mail letter from ;

(2) On the right side:

More (i.e., 3 vertical dots) -> Download message ;

(3) Let send the downloaded ...eml file to: .


Thank you in advance!